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Since our foundation in 2005, Tessele Consultants has focused on building a strategic, tailor-made approach to advice serving an expansive range of clients around their water issues.

Water is the key element that brings life to all communities and industries. Integrating adequate water management and resource recovery brings long-term sustainability enabling prosperous development. We apply Circular Economy principles to everything we do, helping our clients to achieve Net Zero in a sustainable manner.
Combining global experience with extensive knowledge of the Western Australian Market, we aim to facilitate projects on water supply, wastewater treatment, and reuse, as well as resource recovery from organic waste, including the production of energy via biogas. 
Tessele has over 25 years’ global and local engagement in the water, wastewater, and resource recovery industries. Our experience includes planning, alternatives assessment, feasibility studies, design & design management, construction support, commissioning, training, and handover of several projects around the world.
We have developed strong communication skills in multidisciplinary groups, the whole of project approach to delivery, with an open and collaborative style, resulting in efficient project teams. We are recognised as being able to support business decisions, being firmly committed to the delivery of all project goals and milestones, while not compromising on creativity and innovation.
Together we will prosper!

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