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Services & Projects

We provide technical advice to customers for implementing water efficient systems, integrated water management projects, biogas production from organic waste and wastewater, aiming to approach overall project sustainability (economic, social and environmental).

Most clients optimise their core business without allocating time to a comprehensive water management and resource recovery strategy.

We offer the expertise and market knowledge to make these projects feasible, including alternatives assessment and full assistance during the whole of the project life cycle. Investment planning advice, market assessment, decision making support. We encourage operating within the client's premises, allowing a closer insight on the client needs and challenges.


Water Utilities

- Asset Investment Planning

- Reducing Carbon footprint

- Process optimisation

- Upgrade strategy


Agri-food Industry

- Net zero carbon strategy

- Wastewater Treatment & reuse

Biogas and biooenergy production

- Organic solid wastes management



- Integrated communities

Sustainable developments 

- Water/Food/Energy nexus

- Water management strategy

- Decentralised systems 

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